Wild West Extravaganza

Wild West Extravaganza

The Wild West Extravaganza is a history podcast that delves into the fascinating and often tumultuous world of the American Old West. From famous outlaws like Billy the Kid and Jesse James to lawmen like Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hickok to trailblazing pioneers and frontiersmen, this podcast tells the true stories of the real-life characters who shaped this iconic period in American history. So, saddle up and discover the true history of the American frontier – the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s a journey you don’t want to miss.

Recent Episodes

Jim Bridger | Ashley's 100

Feb. 1, 2023

Jim Bridger would join the ranks of Ashley’s One Hundred while still a teenager and - alongside other future old west legends like Hugh Glass, Jedediah Smith, and James Beckwourth - head up the Missouri river in search of be…

Wyatt Earp in Hollywood

Jan. 4, 2023

My Darling Clementine is considered the greatest Wyatt Earp film of all time. It also just so happens to be the least accurate, despite legendary director John Ford having known Wyatt personally. Contrary to popular belief –…

Huckleberry or Hucklebearer?

Dec. 21, 2022

We all know the "scene", right? Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan Earp are walking the streets of Tombstone when they’re confronted by a visibly inebriated Johnny Ringo. He informs the trio that he wants their blood and their souls,…

Frank Canton Part 5 | The General

Dec. 14, 2022

This is the fifth and final installation in the Frank Canton series. Link below for the previous four. In the early morning hours of June 2nd, 1899, five masked men held up a Union Pacific Train near Wilcox, Wyoming. In what…

Frank Canton Part 4 | Alaska

Dec. 7, 2022

This is part 4 in the series on Frank Canton. Link to previous episodes below. When we left off, Frank was laying low in Nebraska following the aftermath of the Johnson County War. On this episode we’ll take a look at Canton…

Frank Canton Part 3 | Johnson County War

Nov. 30, 2022

This is Part 3 in the Frank Canton series. See links below for Parts 1  2.   Things in Johnson County, Wyoming had finally come to a head. After the Wyoming Stock Growers Association allegedly lynched James Averell and Ell…