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Great podcast on the wild, wild, west!!

For someone who claims to be an idiot (Josh’s own words, mentioned numerous times if you listen to any of his episodes) he sure knows how to construct a truly entertaining show! No, this is not meant for children who want to learn more about the old west, think the tv show Deadwood or any of the Peckinpah movies, the content Josh tends to share is about the grittier side of the wild Wild West and frontier life of the earlier settlers. Yes, Josh swears a bit, or a bunch depending on the episode, but it’s part of the charm of his podcast, and it makes learning about the history of the old west a lot more fun! As far as the content, I find Josh to be very well researched and he’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrong, or encourage the listener to research the same information for themselves and tell him he’s wrong (of which Josh will mention on a future podcast), and he doesn’t try and convince anyone of his opinions. I, for one, enjoy a podcast on a where the host doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but if the host(s) act like immature idiots or aren’t well-researched, it hurts the creditability of the podcast. This isn’t the case with The Wild West Extravaganza! It’s kind of like how Dan Carlin doesn’t sugar-coat any of the subjects he talks about on his Hardcore History podcast (take a listen to his WWI series, tragic and absolutely brutal). Josh does the same, albeit with swearing, he tells it like it was based on whatever facts are available on the frontiersmen, gunslingers and outlaws of the wild Wild West!

Good Podcast

Entertaining personality and great topics. Glad I subscribed

Natural story teller.

Josh is awesome, at first I just listened to episodes about people I had heard about, but now I am going back and listening to the others. Learning and enjoying as well as laughing. Thanks Josh! Keep at it. I need more episodes!!!

Wild West Extravaganza

Josh is the best podcaster out there. I’ve been listening to all sorts of podcasts for 3 years and I haven’t heard a better story teller.

The Wild West Told Right

What a PodCast and a great listen if you want some Wild West History…Kickass and told right!


Screw those free speech hatin commies. I like the colorful way you tell the stories. I’d curse and swear if I felt like it! God bless America!

Great Podcast

Really enjoy your podcast. Great content and awesome sense of humor.

Holy sh!t!!

This podcast is great. He has a way of putting a great spin on old west history. Always admits when he’s wrong and also painting a colorful picture try “Billy the Kids Last stand” for some of his best writings or try dodge city war, Bat Masterson. 11/10

Energetic and Informative

This Person is wild and I enjoy them. Super informative, relaxed style but keeps my attention really well.

Careful!! it’s addictive!

Not only are these podcast extremely informative they are hilarious! Very well researched and are presented in a way that’s unique and FUN This podcast is absolutely addictive! Very well done!

The best

My favorite podcast anymore episodes coming out??

A Favorite!

I happen to run across this podcast last summer and it’s been in my top 3 ever since! You can tell Josh has done his research and reading. His jokes need an ambulance, but he is definitely an entertaining podcaster. I wanted info on the Bloody Bender Family and he had a terrific episode on them. I stayed and I’m not sorry.


Love this podcast. He goes over the history of the lives of frontiersmen, outlaws, gunfighters, soldiers and lawmen with a humorous way. Btw: podcast of Dallas Stoudenmire would be wonderful!!!!!

Wild West History

I have really been enjoying this podcast. Perfect for Old West fanatics. Great work man!

Wild west history!!

Good podcast to listen to. Maybe Henry Lawton might strike your interest.

Great Podcast

Really enjoy your podcast. Great content and awesome sense of humor.

Love the storytelling, but...

Nez Perce is French. Pronounced “nay pearsay” Paiute is “pieute” Wallowa is “wuhLAWuh” Oregon is “orgun” or even “orgin”

Educational and Fun !

Love the mix of facts and humor …. Well done !

Straight up real western history

Love it! I’ve listened to every podcast. Funny and real. Keep on pumping them out Josh!

Epic presentation of history!

Great stuff. Keep up the good work! A master work of weaving together history, humor, and foul language! Love every episode!

I Love Wild West history.

Josh lays down the law with the charm of Danny McBride. I would give it 6 stars if I could! But I can’t, so I didn’t.

Great Podcast

If you like history and have a sense of humor, you’ll dig this podcast.

Entertaining History

This podcast reminds me of those humorous, informative demonstrations you find in historical Western towns. The demonstrations where a historian can make you laugh and learn at the same time, even if the humor in this podcast is a little more “adult” than the rest. The jokes land and the host always clarifies when he is not 100% sure on the information he has gathered, so it is not a podcast filled with hubris, which I like. You can tell the host enjoys learning about the events and characters he talks about, which in turn makes it all the more entertaining. Great to listen to while working and driving!

Great Adventure

Good content delivered in a fun light hearted way.

Duck! You Sucker

Great stuff here.

You’ll love it, pardner

Fascinating tales of the old west. Exciting people and history. It’s a great podcast!

Great story but too fast.

I love the story but why do you rush through it ? You need to slow down and let the story unfold. It’s not a race to the end. Frank

Absolutely Great and Still Getting Better

First of all some episodes are not safe for work or kids, but this podcast is amazing. I do a history podcast and I wish I could reach the level of insight and erudition that the host has displayed. He downplays himself but he is a deep researcher and thinker on everything he covers. The show is something is an absolute must listen to hear stories about the Wild West without the sugar coating. The host calls it as he sees it, and from what I’ve heard he sees the past very clearly.

Love it

Love your show, never change.

Great podcast

Fascinating history entertainingly recounted.