Wild West Extravaganza

Hardcore History for the Wild West

Funny and factual, you can tell Josh does his research not only in the happenings of the Wild West but in lyrics for 90’s rap music. Put it together and somehow it works. He’s got an amazing gift as a storyteller and a great voice for telling these tales of courage, adventure, treachery and revenge. He brings you into the story much like the Hardcore History Podcast does and also allows you to fill in the blanks of disputed facts instead of saying “this is how it happened.” He paints an amazing picture. So cheers to a fellow Texan keeping the Wild West Spirit alive and kicking and taking us along the ride with him. I can’t wait for the next ep to drop. Hyaaaaa!

Stagecoach Steve

May 12, 2020 by el ranchero x on Apple Podcasts

Wild West Extravaganza