Wild West Extravaganza

I love it

I found WWE on YouTube. For a second I almost turned it off as most things in YT with static pictures are things you either have to read or just plain bad. Man am I let it play. I’ll often let a YT video plan in the background while I’m working and this channel quickly became my go-to. I love the matter of fact reporting if facts along with personal opinion thrown in. I also love the often dark humor.

I eventually changed to the podcast to save battery life, and since I have a little time off I can use my earbuds and not be seen as the antisocial person that I basically am. I’ve never signed on for a Patreon account, but this will be my first to get the old content. Another thing that’s not worthy is that when he says to shoot him an email, he will get back to you.

Keep it up Josh. I love the podcast. Keep hating on those Okies too. The best thing to come out of Oklahoma is I35. Just kidding. I love southeast Oklahoma.. Some of the most beautiful country you’ll ever see.

May 18, 2023 by TheWarthog on Apple Podcasts

Wild West Extravaganza